'Save My Day' showcases a heavier B-Side Down

Rock and roll has always been about expanding the boundaries of music. And when the genre became louder, more complex and more... well, rock, then more genres were born. Enter punk, metal, hardcore, the list goes on and on.

Now imagine a band that can mold rock and roll in that same sense, expanding musical boundaries with creative compositions and genre-bending songs. Tone Tree Audio, LLC worked with such a band in 2015, and they are back again for an all-new rock offering.

Hastings, Nebraska alternative rockers B-Side Down have completed another album, the 'Save My Day' EP, to be released Apr. 8, 2016. 'Save My Day' showcases a fresh side of the band's punk-meets-metal-meets-acoustic rock musicality and is a natural progression from their first album 'Hopeless Psychotic' released in 2015. 'Save My Day' is also downright heavy and full of adventurous musical twists and turns.

B-Side Down is comprised of the same lineup from 'Hopeless Psychotic' including Joe Matticks, guitar; Adam Waite, drums; Evan Reeves, bass; and Erica Thompson, vocals.

"Working with Tone Tree Audio again created a more relaxed environment," said Waite. "We knew the process and we knew what we wanted our music to sound like and it shows! Being more comfortable we bring more punch and rhythm to the songs and they can hit you in heart with what we have to say. Working with Tone Tree is so fun and relaxing and he knows what he's doing. Bringing fun and enjoyment to the process."

See images below from the recording sessions, conducted by Tone Tree Audio, in Hastings and Kearney, Nebraska.

Listen to a track from the upcoming 'Save My Day' EP release below. Visit B-Side Down's Bandcamp site to download the album and to support this great local Nebraska group!