Richmond to release 'Blemishes and All' live CD

Kearney, Nebraska songwriter Don Richmond pulls at the heartstrings with his unique blend of acoustic rock and folk music. Richmond explores deep topics, ranging from mortality, childhood memories and even squirrels, with masterful songcraft and lyrics. Listeners go on a journey with his music: you could feel a tug of sadness and shed tears of joy sometimes in the same song cycle.

Richmond's influences hail from an era that many youngsters sadly missed out on: the incredible sounds of the 1960s and 1970s. However, Richmond's style stands the test of time, embracing retro but beckoning a modern coffeehouse feel on his upcoming live album, 'Blemishes and All', slated for a late March 2016 release.

 'Blemishes and All' is a true live experience: fourteen tracks of spoken word poetry, original acoustic songs and intimate moments with Richmond discussing his music with the crowd. The album was captured live by David Frink in January 2016 at Chapman Swifts in Kearney. Tone Tree Audio, LLC assisted with compiling the audio and mastering the live material. 

Don Richmond is set to release the live CD 'Blemishes and All' in March 2016. 

Don Richmond is set to release the live CD 'Blemishes and All' in March 2016. 

Richmond is slated to release 'Blemishes and All' at an upcoming live performance at Chapman Swifts Coffeehouse in Kearney on March 31, 2016.