Jim Russell studio recording update

Tone Tree Audio began tracking the amazing Jim Russell April 5, 2014 in Kearney, Nebraska, who is releasing his debut album via Tone Tree Audio in summer 2014. The day was a fast-paced eight hour session filled with incredible performances by drummer Troy Bentley and bassist Tim Stratton, who together provided the rhythmic backbone for Russell's upcoming vocal and guitar tracks later in April.

Bentley and Stratton laid down precise performances together in the Tone Tree Audio mobile recording booth in Kearney, Nebraska. Bentley utilized a gorgeous looking and smooth sounding Gretsch Catalina Maple drum kit, sporting a three-tom, kick and snare country-rock setup. Stratton used a silver sparkle Modulus bass guitar that provided a clean, robust bottom end with excellent sustain and punch.

The musicians utilized sheet music provided by Russell to perform the music together in a good ol' fashioned, intimate tracking session. All tracks were recorded in two takes or less, allowing the musicians and engineer time for a taco run halfway through the session. Russell later said, "I couldn't be happier having my dreams become reality!"

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