Hear Omaha Street Percussion's 'Jungle'

Tone Tree Audio, LLC is proud to have worked with Omaha Street Percussion in February-March 2014, recording, mixing and mastering their debut album release slated for spring 2014. The album was recorded in a completely 'live' sense, with members of the group and our own recording group assisting with the energy of the session to capture the group in their truest form.

Tone Tree Audio is releasing a teaser song for the album, called 'Jungle,' that encompasses a wide variety of tones, emotions and... well, the Lion King. You'll understand when you hear it, click the Soundcloud link below to hear 'Jungle.'

Omaha Street Percussion was the winner of the Omaha RAWards Music Category in 2013; Tone Tree Audio sponsored the music category, and awarded Omaha Street Percussion with a free recording, mixing and mastering package.

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