Jordan Peterson delivers world-class studio performances

Tone Tree Audio engineers don't expect perfect performances from musicians we record. We strive to produce the best takes from the artists we work with while encouraging as natural of a recording approach as possible. We especially enjoy the rare talent that walks in our doors who nails take after take with energy, finesse and that 'special something' that is indescribable in music.

Jordan Peterson fit that description perfectly on Sat., Apr. 26 at the Tone Tree Audio Project Studio in Lincoln, Nebraska. Peterson tracked piano and vocals for his upcoming EP, recorded, mixed and mastered by Tone Tree Audio, with a spirit and professionalism that wowed engineers Matthew Juhl and Benjamin Freeman.

Peterson performed five songs, including originals and cover songs, that will culminate into a CD in summer 2014 for promoting his musical endeavors. He performs on cruise ships, in musical theatre productions, and concert settings.

Check back at soon for samples and updates on this exciting project!

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Thanks to Michael Peterson of Above the Garage Web Design and Photography for capturing the day with photos! See below for photos from the day.

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