Riley releases album of Cowboy poetry, spoken word

There are few Jake Riley's in the world: a humble, creative storyteller with a knack for Western-themed poetry. The very art of storytelling is going by the wayside in these days of technology on-the-go and instant access to media. Spoken word is not only about the story, but the emotion of the words being spoken and how they impact the listener.

Riley's artform is a necessity for these reasons, and Tone Tree Audio, LLC was given an incredible opportunity to further this mission of storytelling by recording, mixing and mastering an album of poetry and spoken word in winter of 2016.

Riley recorded thirteen tracks of stories, spoken word and Cowboy poetry with Tone Tree Audio at A Noteworthy Studio in Kearney, Nebraska. His delivery is an incredible blend of voice acting and narration, with lyrics mixing everyday life, Americana, humor and Western-themes. 

Jake Riley records his poetry at A Noteworthy Studio in Kearney, Nebraska in winter of 2016.

Riley assisted in the audio production by adding in minimal acoustic guitar on a handful of tracks, expertly played by local musician Jacob French. The final product: Riley's album 'Western Errors' released on CD in February 2017. 

Jake Riley's 'Western Errors' CD, recorded, mixed and mastered by Tone Tree Audio, LLC.

Riley said of the recording process: "Kent [with Tone Tree Audio] is an expert at his craft; he's passionate about sound, and it shows. I knew nothing about making a CD, but he guided me through the entire process to completion. Tone Tree was great to work with and very responsive. I highly recommend Tone Tree Audio, and look forward to working with them on future projects."

For more information on 'Western Errors' and Jake Riley's poetry, click here for his Web site.

Listen to an audio sample of Riley's poetry below.