Cliché creates fresh sounds with electronic elements on new album

Armed with musical backgrounds ranging from punk, metal, electronic and indie, the members of Cliché have their sights set on that 'big sound.' 

Cliché is a Hastings alternative rock group formed from some members of former band B-Side Down, including Joe Matticks (lead guitar), Sam Matticks (guitar), Keni Nelson (vocals), Evan Reeves (bass) and Adam Waite (drums). The group's sound is an incredible melding of styles that ranges from sweeping rock anthems to surging punk to emotional, stripped-down indie.

'Cartoons and Narwhals' is the band's debut album, released Feb. 3, 2017 on CD and digital download formats. It's inevitable: your foot will start tapping and head will start bobbing when Cliché is playing. Their sound is the sound of music now: youthful, organic and heartfelt on tracks like 'Take It Slow', 'Too Honest' and the title track.

Recording the group was fun and familiar, as Tone Tree Audio has worked with many of the members previously with B-Side Down, which helps with unifying ideas on their sound from the tracking to the final mix. "The more we record with Tone Tree Audio, things just get easier and lighter. The process becomes more of an experiment to try out things we've never previously done," said Waite of the process.

Click here to visit the band's official Facebook page for more information on Cliché's new album, 'Cartoons and Narwhals' and how to get a copy.

Check out one of the tracks from the new album below, 'Take It Slow'.