Saint James releases 'Live in the Spirit' live CD

Over the span of two years, Tone Tree Audio, LLC worked with the Saint James Catholic Church music ministry in Kearney, Nebraska on an album of live music. The culmination of hard work by the worship group and teamwork helping to mix and produce the album with Tone Tree Audio is now fully realized with the release of their CD 'Live in the Spirit' this fall 2016.

Saint James Catholic Church is set to release their 'Live in the Spirit' album in fall 2016, recorded, mixed and mastered by Tone Tree Audio, LLC between 2015-2016.

This thirteen-song set spans numerous worship songs and genres, including Christian rock, folk and gospel. The group, led by Saint James music director Dorothy Clark, was a joy to record and full of professional musicians in every regard. Clark and fellow music ministry members were involved in the initial live recording at Saint James in early 2015, overdubbing instruments in 2015-2016 in Kearney, as well as the mixing and production side of the album in spring 2016. 

An interesting note on the audio captured in this recording: during the tracking phase in early 2015, Saint James Catholic Church was being renovated; the gorgeous renovation is now complete as of early 2016. The album 'Live in the Spirit' permanently captured the sound and feeling of the original church, giving this album some historical perspective along with the dynamic performances within. Read about the original live recording in the previous church and photos from the session here.

See more photos from the overdubbing sessions in Kearney below.

We would like to thank the Saint James Catholic Church music ministry for working with Tone Tree Audio and congratulate them on their CD release!

For more information on Saint James, visit their web site.