Inspirational performances crafted an incredible debut for DeBey

Sometimes the simple approach to a situation generates the best results.

Case and point: the album Tone Tree Audio, LLC recorded with singer-songwriter Alisha DeBey was captured in a completely live sense, and the results are gorgeous. The talented vocalist, who recorded her album with Tone Tree Audio in summer 2016, played an older upright piano while singing effortlessly for a mere four hours to finalize the tracks for her album.

DeBey, a music teacher from the Midwest, traveled to A Noteworthy Studio in Kearney to work with Tone Tree Audio on eight original songs. Most of her songs dealt with faith, and often challenging subject matter expressed best through song.

Alisha DeBey records with Tone Tree Audio, LLC in summer 2016 at A Noteworthy Studio in Kearney, Nebraska. DeBey tracked eight songs, which Tone Tree Audio mixed and mastered in preparation for CD duplication.

She navigated each track with ease, while being recorded with a simple stereo/ambient setup on the piano and a single vocal microphone. This is often a risky setup with musicians, where bleed and pitch can cause issues during the performance. However, DeBey's delivery was nearly flawless, with excellent vocal pitch and piano performances throughout.

This session was a joy to conduct, and included so many moments of blissful textures and emotions -- again, sometimes the simpler approach generates the best results. Listen to one of DeBey's songs below, 'Where Can I Go?'