B-Side Down rocks out on six alternative tracks

Hastings: a small-to-mid-size Nebraska town filled with people of immense creativity and musical talent. One such example is a group of musicians called B-Side Down, a band that pools diverse musical interests including hair metal, punk rock and coffee-house acoustic jams into a unified genre all its own. And it rocks... hard.

Tone Tree Audio, LLC worked with B-Side Down this summer between June - August 2015 to record, mix and master a six-track album arriving to your ears soon (slated for a fall 2015 release). The four piece consisting of Joe Matticks (guitar), Evan Reeves (bass), Adam Waite (drums) and Erica Thompson (vocals) tracked the core of the songs with Tone Tree Audio at their Hastings practice space, with some overdubs and vocals in Kearney the following day.

The songs range widely from guitar-driven rock to rhythm-based syncopation to acoustic lullabies, with each member keying in their background and flavor. Some examples of B-Side Down's genre-bending: Joe, a huge fan of 1980s hair metal, showcases blistering guitar solos a la Van Halen but somehow fits them snuggly into a punk rock context... Erica cleanly displays her vocal talents amidst hard driving rock, but just as easily croons in perfect fashion for the slower numbers. Many bands cannot boast the skill involved in writing music this way.

Thanks to B-Side Down for working with Tone Tree Audio to capture your music and to soon release it to the world. Follow B-Side Down on Facebook for info on the release; listen to one track off the upcoming album, 'Behind These Eyes', below.