High School piano prodigy records with Tone Tree Audio

Most people fondly remember high school as a time of endless activities, spending time with friends and just plain growing up. A recent musician Tone Tree Audio had the luck to work with likely experienced all of those same things -- along with spending her free time crafting gorgeous, complex and all-original piano music on top of homework and classes.

Widger, a recent Kearney High School graduate and current freshman in college studying music, recorded five original piano pieces with Tone Tree Audio in late summer 2014. The recording, which took place at KHS Auditorium in Kearney, Nebraska, consisted of a minimal microphone setup centered around Widger's jaw-droppingly complex piano playing.

Megan Widger records five original piano pieces with Tone Tree Audio in Kearney, Nebraska in late summer 2014 at Kearney High School Auditorium.

After some piano tuning provided by local jazz legend Wes Hird, Widger launched into her performances with a determination and concentration usually only decades more experience can provide. About four or so hours later, five full-length piano performances were tracked, and Tone Tree Audio engineers knew they had captured a one-of-a-kind talent.

Listen to one of Widger's original pieces, 'Untitled' below, and keep an eye and ear out for more of her music. Tone Tree Audio strongly believes that her name will be appearing soon in album credits, providing the next joyous -- or tragically beautiful -- soundtrack for an indie film or show.

UPDATED 02-10-15: You can now purchase Widger's music on her new album, 'Elburn' at Bandcamp!