Kearney High School releases first album of student performances

Nothing is more rewarding than working with youth.

The Kearney High School Bearcats music program recently released their first recordings of student performances, entitled 'On the Right Path', in part recorded by and entirely mixed and mastered by Tone Tree Audio, LLC.

In spring and summer 2014, Tone Tree Audio worked with Kearney High School (KHS) band director Nathan LeFeber on a group of projects for the KHS Bands program. Tone Tree Audio recorded the KHS Wind Ensemble at the KHS auditorium in Kearney, Nebraska with an excellent group of student musicians, who played two selections: the upbeat 'Hounds of Spring' by Alfred Reed, and the daunting epic 'Of Sailors and Whales' by Francis McBeth. Along with recording the live ensemble, Tone Tree also worked with KHS English teacher Robert Mishou on narrating portions of the Moby Dick-inspired movements, which added an element of theatre to the performances.

Tone Tree Audio also helped mix and master previously recorded tracks for the KHS Jazz Ensemble. The Jazz Ensemble production included a wide variety of both standard jazz and avant garde selections, including 'The Summerwind,' 'Everyday I Have the Blues' and 'Heavy Town'. 

Tone Tree Audio is excited to work with Kearney High School on their current and future projects. Listen to excerpts from the KHS album 'On the Right Path' below!

Visit the Kearney High School Bands site for more information.