Star Belle - Make Some Room for Love

Just over a year ago Tone Tree Audio, LLC had the pleasure of recording the incredibly-talented Star Belle, a female ukulele vocal trio from Nebraska, in our Lincoln project studio. Star Belle has received national attention lately after their recent performances at Uke Fest in Denver, Colorado and their performance at Hullabaloo in Omaha, Nebraska, and Tone Tree Audio was fortunate to have worked with such talent.

Tone Tree Audio was Star Belle's choice to record their album, 'Make Some Room for Love'. Tone Tree engineers captured the Star Belle stage atmosphere by putting the musicians in one single room, instead of separating them in different live rooms for isolation. Although this method can make mixing and mastering more challenging, it allowed the musicians to play together, to bring out nuances of the performances and to provide an exceptionally natural sound for post production engineer Tom Lewis of Atlanta, Georgia. 

Star Belle knocked out their tracks hours ahead of schedule, and we were able to use the extra time to record percussion and other accent instrument parts featured on the album.

These three woman charm audiences with their banter and beautiful vocal and ukulele harmonies. Their sets showcase some of the songwriting in Nebraska, and they will have the whole family singing and laughing along. Check out Star Belle live whenever possible, and when you see them make sure to grab a copy of 'Make Some Room for Love'. 

Listen to some samples from the album below.