Richmond releases 'Fifty Dollar Car' live CD

Don Richmond has many stories to tell. He begins each story, while gently strumming his guitar, with some history behind the lyrics and sometimes a warning for his captive audience: some stories are true, and some of them are fish stories.

The Kearney area musician and poet's catalogue of original work stretches back for decades, and some of his unreleased tales will be told once again. 'Fifty Dollar Car' is Richmond's latest CD release, collecting 10 unreleased original songs and 1 studio track all recorded live at A NOTE-Worthy Studio in Kearney in March 2017. Tone Tree Audio, LLC was fortunate to work with Richmond to capture live performances of the songs at the venue and assisted in engineering the music for the album.

Don Richmond's 'Fifty Dollar Car' CD is slated to release in May 2017. The album features 10 unreleased tracks and 1 in-studio track all recorded at A NOTE-Worthy Studio in Kearney, Nebraska in March 2017.

The CD, slated for an early May 2017 release, features an incredible vibe: a live audience, an intimate setting in downtown Kearney, and Richmond's unique singing-storytelling delivery. His songs range from upbeat humor ('12 bar blues') to epic emotion ('Best He Knows How') to bittersweet nostalgia ('Fifty Dollar Car'). Before every song begins, there is narration to describe the music: about family, about cars, about home, about life, and also about death; but every story relates back to the importance of passing on history to others and enjoying the small, beautiful moments we encounter everyday.

Don Richmond performs at A NOTE-Worthy Studio in Kearney, Nebraska in March 2017. Richmond's performance was recorded and engineered by Tone Tree Audio, LLC for his 'Fifty Dollar Car' CD to release in May 2017.

Few artists live in the realm of storytelling any longer. A majority of current music relies on modern production techniques and a wall of sound while underplaying the lyrics. Richmond thrives in intimate settings armed only with his voice and his guitar, which are often the most challenging of environments to perform. This is the power of 'Fifty Dollar Car': the audience members forget their everyday worries for a few minutes as the lyrics envelop them.

Stay tuned to A NOTE-Worthy Studio's Facebook page for upcoming performances by Richmond and others, and for information on the 'Fifty Dollar Car' release. Listen to the title track from the CD below.