Gypsy's Worn-out Pair of 'Shoes'

Tone Tree Audio had the pleasure of recording an all-new, original piece of music called 'Shoes' by Gypsy Brokuzunk this spring 2015 in Kearney, Nebraska. 

Gypsy, who performed guitar and vocals on a Tone Tree Audio-produced album for Gayla Kovarik in 2013, tracked his acoustic guitar, vocals and a mandolin overdub in an hour flat. Ever humble and kind, Gypsy laid down a one-take guitar track, followed by a pass or two of incredible spoken word, Johnny Cash-esque vocals before recording his aptly-named 'fribbles' and other lead elements on mandolin.

Gypsy wrote 'Shoes' based on his own travels and experiences, and the story is a story shared by everyone: the good, the bad and the ugly choices in life, walking the right and wrong paths, and finding faith along the road of life.

We hope to hear much more creative output from Gypsy in the near future; until then, sit back and kick up your feet (footwear or no footwear, it's up to you), turn up your speakers and take a listen to 'Shoes' below. 'Shoes' is shared on with written permission, copyright 2015 Gypsy Brokuzunk.