This Is Whispering tracks debut single

The fun never ended with pop-punk group This Is Whispering Mon., May 19, 2014 at the Tone Tree Audio mobile recording booth in Kearney, Nebraska. This Is Whispering consists of Josh Henderson on vocals and guitars, Kyle Novak on guitars and vocals, Alex Theesen on drums and Morgan Rezac on bass and vocals.

The group recorded the energetic 'The Kings of Summer' single for their debut release on Bandcamp coming soon in 2014. This session was by far one of the funnest in Tone Tree Audio history, with numerous moments of hilarity mixed with the raw energy of recording with a group of friends.

The song consists of various elements from numerous genres, including hardcore-style verses, pop-punk choruses, and even a hip-hop breakdown in the bridge. Yes folks, 'The Kings of Summer' will be a treat to almost anyone with ears, but expect some heavy elements thrown in for good measure (in other words, not for the faint of heart).

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See pics from the session below!