The Unreasonable Bird has landed

Unreasonable Bird, a musical collective based in Kearney, Nebraska, is slated to release their debut album 'Movements (1-3)' on Tue., Sept. 3, 2013. The album was written by main songwriter and performer Jacob French, and recorded, mixed and mastered by Tone Tree Audio's own Kent Lutt, who also performed percussion on the album and assisted with programming synth bass.

The music of 'Movements (1-3)' consists of gorgeous ambient textures, completely generated by guitar. The sweeping post-rock compositions rely on simple structure, open space, blending with crushing walls of noise and dissonance in certain sections. The content is highly emotional, even without vocals, and takes the listener on an audio journey to interpret all their own. Listen to a track below from the album!

The album will be available via digital download cards from main songwriter, French, or by emailing upon the official release Sept. 3. Stay in touch with updates on the album release and this exciting new rock outfit by visiting and following them on Facebook and Soundcloud!