Preparing your audio for distribution

Tone Tree Audio is ready to finalize your recorded tracks with professional post production services, including audio mixing and basic mastering to prepare your audio for distribution.


When most people think of Post Production, they think of it as mixing. This is just one of the many steps included in Post Production. Once a recording is finished, Post Production begins. It all starts with the editing process, where the tracks are sliced up and cut together. This is very close to the next step, which is mixing. Mixing includes EQ, Compression, Reverb, Gating, Limiters, Noise Reduction, Pitch Correction and much more. Then, any effects that are desired are layered into the tracks to add unique qualities to the end product.

Tone Tree Audio always approves mixes with the client prior to moving on to the Mastering Stage, and we encourage clients to be part of the creative process of the mix by providing audio examples of similar artists and influences.

Here is an example of our audio mixing and post production services, displaying a unique ambient mix on a hard driving rock track.


The mastering phase begins when the final mix is approved by the client and ready to get its finishing touches applied to it, or 'polish' as we sometimes call it. The mixing process perfects the recorded tracks, and mastering prepares the mixes for their distribution channels: be it compact disc (CD), vinyl, digital distribution via Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, Audible or other means.

Mastering begins by critically monitoring the audio in a professionally-tuned mixing room, listening for anything that does not belong in the final product and ensuring all tracks sound consistent within the project. A lot of techniques go into this step, including adjusting stereo width, EQ, adding reverb, expanding the dynamic range, adding compression and adjusting the perceived volume of all tracks in the project. These are the starts of the mastering world and the last defense when it comes to making the tracks ready to be released for everyone to enjoy.

When the mastered tracks are complete and approved by the client, the master compositions are shared via cloud storage with the client. At this point, the project is finished and ready to be mass produced via a CD duplication/replication process or digital distribution.

Tone Tree Audio can assist you with all your mixing and mastering needs. Tone Tree Audio services do not include distribution services or CD duplication, but we are here to help you through the process!

Hear an example of our mastering and post productions services, showing consistent sound spectrum and competitive playback level for CD and digital distribution services (ex. Spotify, iTunes, YouTube).