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Tone Tree Audio, LLC records, mixes and masters all genres of music, including rock, classic rock, blues, jazz, metal, hardcore, punk, pop, folk, indie, funk, contemporary, instrumental and more. Tone Tree Audio regularly records on location for area school choirs, orchestras, business voiceovers and more.

Listen below to selections of our audio recording, mixing and mastering work, and hear more at our Soundcloud.

Emily Dunbar

Recorded and mixed by Kent Lutt, 2017 - 2018. Mastering by Focus Mastering.

Emily Dunbar’s ‘Hello, Better’ album is an optimistic mixture of genres, including folk, country, rock and jazz.

Bluestem Psalter

Recorded and mixed by Kent Lutt, 2017. Mastering by Focus Mastering.

Bluestem Psalter is a unique blend of Americana, folk and gospel, formed by sisters Hope and Emily Dunbar.

Karen Lee

Recorded and mixed by Kent Lutt, winter 2017 - spring 2018. Mastering by Saff Mastering.

Karen Lee is a Kearney, Nebraska singer-songwriter who released her first album 'Little Secret' in summer 2018. Lee blends blues, jazz and rock into an incredible sound all her own, with an incredible array of Nebraska musicians performing on the album.


Recorded, mixed and mastered by Kent Lutt, fall 2017.

Cliché is a Hastings alternative rock group with an incredible melding of styles that ranges from sweeping rock anthems to surging punk to emotional, stripped-down indie.

Art Hansen

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Kent Lutt, summer/fall 2016.

Art Hansen is a singer-songwriter in Kearney, Nebraska with an authentic classic country and rock-and-roll sound. Listen to 'The Stranger' for a taste of Hansen's deep, emotional vocal delivery.

Don Richmond

Live recording and engineering by Kent Lutt, March 2017.

Don Richmond, a Kearney-based musician and poet, recorded a performance at A NOTE-Worthy Studio in March 2017, with 10 unreleased songs and 1 studio track all recorded live. 'Fifty Dollar Car' is a shining example of Richmond's excellent presence on stage.

Alisha DeBey

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Kent Lutt, summer 2016.

Alisha DeBey is a skilled pianist and vocalist who writes Christian piano music and lyrics. DeBey worked with Tone Tree Audio, LLC to produce an 8 track album of original music, including 'Where Can I Go?' and other minimal-yet-gorgeous songs.

Prairie Fire

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Kent Lutt, summer 2016.

Prairie Fire is a country rock band based in Kearney, Nebraska, who perform original and cover songs. Listen to 'Everything You Can Never Be' and check out this group's awesome blend of new and old country, hard rock and Southern rock.

B-Side Down

'Behind These Eyes' recorded, mixed and mastered by Kent Lutt, summer 2015.

B-Side Down is a Hastings, Nebraska alternative rock group. Their songs range widely from guitar-driven rock to rhythm-based syncopation to acoustic lullabies, with each member keying in their background and flavor including hair metal, punk rock and coffee-house acoustic.

William Reichert

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Kent Lutt, spring 2015

William Reichert of Broken Bow, Nebraska simply embodies the essence of jazz, with decades of performance and teaching background. Reichert expertly performed over 20 selections of jazz, gospel and holiday pieces for the upcoming First Presbyterian Church album 'Mission' CD release, including 'Morning Has Broken', 'Amazing Grace', 'The First Noel', and 'Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen'.

Gypsy Brokuzunk

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Kent Lutt, spring 2015

Gypsy Brokuzunk hails from the era of Johnny-Cash style country, with incredible spoken word lyrics and smooth acoustic guitar picking. Check out his debut single 'Shoes.'

Jim Russell

Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by  Kent Lutt.  Summer 2014. 

Jim Russell is a talented country rock artist in the Kearney, Nebraska area who produced a 5 song EP with Tone Tree Audio, LLC. Listen to some samples of each of his songs from his EP, 'Chose Me'.

Megan Widger

Recorded and mixed by Kent Lutt, summer 2014

Megan Widger recorded 5 original piano pieces with Tone Tree Audio. Listen to one of the beautiful original songs demonstrating the young musician's incredible piano technique and composing skills.

Minor Movements

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Kent Lutt, spring 2015

Minor Movements 'The Quick Passing of Days' album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Kent Lutt of Tone Tree Audio winter 2014 - spring 2015.